From the Pastor’s Heart

A word from our Pastor Tony Tilford

From the Pastor’s  Heart…..

 “Unless You Become Like Little Children”

 Those words of Jesus to His ‘adult’ disciples—who were acting very childish at the time—came to my (Tony) mind as I watched the children at VBS this past week. They were so UNself-conscious about calling out the name of Jesus, and so eager to share the memory verse they learned. It was (as always) so refreshing, and challenging!!

Jesus calls us to be like little children in our daily walk with Him. Not only should we trust and accept as children do, but we should not shy away from letting our emotions and feelings be a part of our faith experience.

One of the tragedies, I am convinced, of our concept of ‘growing up’, or ‘being grown-up’, is that we put a premium on ‘being reserved’, and this seems to especially apply to the expression of our faith. Sadly, we often look upon people who are open and verbal about their faith and love for God as being ‘a bit too much’. What does God say?

What if God is blessed and pleased with the freedom those persons have and He looks at us as being ‘a bit too reserved’? What if Jesus is trying to encourage us to become a little more like the children at VBS?!

Next time you are in worship and are moved, or hear some good news somewhere else, step out in childlike faith and joy and say ‘Amen’ or ‘praise God’.


Becoming Like Little Children with You,

Pastor Tony