WGBC Food Outreach Team

Our Willow Grove Baptist Church Food Outreach Team will be meeting regularly to review and plan the First Friendship Dinners at WGBC.   You need not have been at previous meetings to become part of our team.  We are interested in having as many people from our church as possible help with our Friendship Dinners.  Please join us!

Christmas Homeless Mission

The Christmas day mission trip to Philadelphia was supported this year by many people. One of Lisa’s customers made hats and scarves and then purchased gloves to match as color sets. Many gave used coats, sweatshirts, and flannel shirts. Some gave shoes or boots. We had thermal socks for everyone we came across, and there were warm hats and gloves. We brought our traditional bags of fruits and snacks, while Keith Tilford bought coffee to use with the church’s percolator.

 In addition, another church was set up near the fountain we had stopped at, and we were able to join our supplies and efforts for an even greater impact!



Operation Christmas Child