What has God gifted you to do? How is God challenging you to step out in faith?  What will it take to step out of the boat? Who do you want to invite to step out of the boat with you?

 Hospitality Team: We love to welcome our visitors and members each Sunday and during special events. These amazing heroes dedicate their time and love to let those who come to worship to feel appreciated and valued. This team includes our greeters, ushers, and welcome center.

  • Greeters: Whether at the doors of the sanctuary, doors of the church, or even in the parking lot, greeters are often the first impression that our guest have when coming to worship with us.
  • Fellowship Servers: Each Sunday, we organize a get together inbetween the services (10:15-10:45am) to help others connect and grow within our church. We would love to have you join the team to put out food and get to know others.
  • Ushers: Worship is more than music and time in God’s Word. It is being obedient to what God has given us. Jesus calls us to live generously and to do this, we are called to trust God with our first fruits. Ushers help believers to give back to God, what is God’s.
  • Welcome Center: Got questions? Want to sign up for future events? Looking to get more information about the church? These are just a few reasons why the Welcome Center is so important to have available each week. The Welcome Center is the first step to getting people more connected with the church.

Tech Team: From lyrics and videos to balancing the volume and recording services; our tech team are wizards and geniuses that help us keep our services running smooth. Tech Team is perfect for those who want to serve and work with gadgets and gizmos!

Music Ministry: Can you harmonize or are you gifted with musical abilities? Are you willing to use those gifts to worship and glorify God? We want to expand our music ministry to include more people and their gifts involved for the glory of God.

Prayer Team: Do you love to pray? Will you commit to praying for the church, members, and our community for 1, 5, or 20 minutes a day? We need Prayer Warriors willing to stand in the gap for those in need.

Children’s Ministry: Are you an empty-nester who misses having babies at home? Do you love holding a beautiful baby? Do you like to play with small children? Then this is the perfect ministry for you. (Background Checks are required)

Kid’s Ministry: Kids are amazing. So full of laughter and fun. Do you love working with kids and teaching the Bible to the future of the church? Then we have just the spot for you. (Background Checks are required)

Youth Ministry: Fun games, pizza, hard questions. Youth Ministry is filled with a lot of amazing opportunities to connect with and engage teens in faith that will help you grow in ways you never knew were possible. (Background Checks are required)

Women’s Ministry: Face it, women need women for encouragement, accountability, to learn and grow. To strengthen our face, we need women who are willing to connect and encourage other women in their faith. Is this something God is calling you to?

Men’s Ministry: Face it, men aren’t that different than women. We need encouragement and accountability to grow, to lead, to be the man God has called us to be. We need men of God to teach and mentor other men to help them grow to the leaders and to be healthy providers for their families.

Senior’s Ministry: Life throws a lot of changes at you and as you get older, that doesn’t change. As our seasons change, we need to surround ourselves with others who are walking in that same season in life.

General Church Help: 

  • Food Pick Up: We are looking for volunteers to pick up food from local stores both weekly and monthly to be given out to our church and used for different events.
  • Attendance Forms: As we continue to grow, we will need help keeping track of who’s coming, who’s at the hospital, birthday, etc.
  • Maintenance & Groundskeeping: Do you like working with your hands? Do you have a trade skill that could help save the church both time and money? Would you be willing to help the church keep its facilities and grounds up to date? Then we need to talk.